When it comes to knowing luxurythere is no one that can be better define it than Smooch Swimwear designer and founder, Karmel. This local Vancouver beauty has achieved ultimate success in her craft. Karmel's designs are an art form themselves, and Smooch is now recognized as one of the top luxury swimwear brands internationally.  You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing her pictures reposted constantly.

I had heard about Smooch well before I ever had the pleasure of meeting Karmel. When I found out we had a mutual friend I jumped at the opportunity to connect with her. Between both our crazy schedules it was hard to find a time to connect, but we eventually got the chance to meet for coffee at my favorite Bel Café.

We instantly connected and I knew this girl was special. After hearing her story I just knew I had to share it.

Like most success stories, Karmel didn’t achieve it all overnight, her journey took time and wasn’t always easy. She’s had to take many risks and work extremely hard to get to where she is today.

This is why I picked Karmel to be the first article in CityLux’s series on inspirational young female entrepreneurs in Vancouver.  My goal is to inspire women to follow their own career dream. At the same time I also wanted to work on breaking down a stereotype that is too often played out in this city.

Vancouver is known for its beautiful women. The only problem is that many people in Vancouver are too quick to judge, and assume the worst in someone rather than the best. For example if you were to see Karmel walking down the street she looks like a typically stunning Vancouver girl. She’ll be rocking 5 inch Christian Louboutins and likely the latest Chanel Boy. Many of you will immediately judge her and assume she’s just the latest arm candy of some successful man and you’ll discredit the chance of her being her own success.  This stereotype happens all too often for many of these talented women. 

What doesn’t get seen at a surface level is the passion, talent, ambition, discipline and dedication that Karmel and many other women are full of. These are the qualities that separate a successful entrepreneur from those that just dream of one day following their passion.

When I told Karmel about my story and how I had this vision of empowering women to find their passion in life as a way to help reduce bullying by creating more fulfilled individuals, she was immediately supportive and asked what she could do to help. I told her that just sharing her story about how she first started her business would give others the courage to do the same.

I hope that through sharing more of these success stories on these beautiful and equally talented women, we, the women of Vancouver can start becoming more supportive of our peers and less judgmental. I hope that we can replace feelings of jealousy with powerful feelings of inspiration. Instead of putting energy into negative thoughts, that energy is harnessed and used toward building your own dreams.

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My Interview with Karmel: All Things Entrepreneur 

There’s more articles to come on other local Vancouver success stories. I would love your feedback on what questions you have or other women you’d love to hear about. Please connect with me at su@cityluxboutique.com.