About Us

About CityLux

CityLux Boutique was formed in 2014 when founder Sunan Spriggs opened a mini clothing shop from within her fintech startup office. She then went on to open her first store front location in 2016 on Howe street in Vancouver. Not wanting to stop at just one location, Sunan continued to follow her dream of expansion and opened up her second location in the trendy and iconic Yorkville area of Toronto.

CityLux is a clothing boutique that is all about helping women find styles that make them look and feel their best. We believe that the perfect outfit affects your aura - the inner sparkle that makes any woman feel like she can conquer anything, and look damn good while doing it.

At CityLux our goal is to create a personal shopping experience for everyone of our customers . We focus on getting to know you so we curate the perfect recommendations for your occasion whether that’s a birthday, a wedding, gala or even just a girls night out. While online shopping is the norm, we try to make you fall back- in love with the value of the in-store shopping experience.

Today, CityLux curates the latest trends in luxe + party fashion, and translates it into clothing women can wear day or night to get glam and feel beautiful.

Looking to the future, we hope to transcend fashion, empowering women to discover and embrace their style, build their confidence, and share their sparkle with the world.



“True confidence means less insecurity, less need to put others down, to act superior or to be judgemental. Truly confident women walk around and inspire those around them. I believe that by cultivating confidence in more women, we can help create a kinder, more mindful environment for our daughters to grow up in.”

Sunan Spriggs, Founder of CityLux Boutique