Want to be part of CityLux's Glam Squad?

We’re excited to announce that our new store will include a beauty bar. The beauty bar will feature makeup stations, where our CityLux clients can have their makeup done by our team of professional makeup artists. CItyLux is in the process of recruiting this glam squad team and so if you're a make up artist we want you to be part of it!

The concept:

CityLux is a one stop shop for all things luxe. Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out, or you’re a blogger getting glammed up to take some pictures for your blog. CityLux now has both your outfit and your makeup covered.

It doesn’t stop there. Once the glam squad is done with your makeup, it’s time for your selfie photoshoot. Take advantage of CityLux’s three selfie walls complete with phone camera tripods and selfie sticks.


At the end of the day our actions always tie back to our purpose. Our values are more than skin deep, and our beauty bar concept is part of our vision to create a space that fosters entrepreneurship amongst young females. Our goal is to help local makeup artists grow their business, and to help them master their talent. Therefore donating our beauty bar space and connecting these artists with our clients is just one way we can contribute to this initiative.

How it will work:

As a CityLux Glam Squad artist, you’ll be featured on our website with a short bio about yourself that describes your style, experience, and price range. It will also link to your own social media pages.

CityLux staff will then work with you to select which dates you’re available.

You will then be added to our online Beauty Bar calendar where our CityLux clients can book their makeup appointment with you. All you need to do is to show up on time with your makeup essentials.

There is no cost to be part of our glam squad team and we’re not asking for exclusivity. We just want to support other women, and help them grow their business in any way we can. So if you’re interested in taking part of our glam team please email us at partners@cityluxboutique.comfor full details.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


The CityLux Team