Photo Above: Sierra looking breathtaking in our Amelia red wrap dress.  

"The sun slips beneath the city skyline. One by one, city lights begin to appear like stars against the darkness of the night. An electric current pulses through the air as darkness cloaks the city. She begins to stir. The electric current moves through her as she begins to come alive..."

Our spring campaign is about capturing that electric energy that pulses through you, as you and your girlfriends are sitting around, listening to music, sipping wine, and snapping pics in preparation for that big night out. The excitement and anticipation of the night is lit up all through you, and best of all you’re stepping out in a brand new outfit. The night is full of opportunities and anything is possible. Let your vivid imaginations run wild this spring.

We shot our spring campaign at the super chic Loden Hotel, nestled in the heart of Vancouver. This little gem is known by Hollywood's elite when they come to stay in Vancouver. 

When it came to picking models for the campaign we chose to team up with local Vancouver beauties who are not professional models. The reason for this is that, CityLux is all about real everyday women who are ambitious, and gorgeous inside and out. We aspire to make every woman feel sexy, confident, and most importantly happy. It's all about beauty and brains and CityLux is the true ambassador for that.  
This year you’ll see CityLux teaming up with many driven young female entrepreneurs that are here to make a difference. We’re here to empower and spread inspiration as we begin to share the stories of the amazing go-getters that walk into our store every day.

Stay tuned!
Photo Above: Tamara is our luxe all white Balmain inspired caged bandage dress
Photo Above: Su wearing our off the shoulder Nadia bandage dress. A great little black dress option


Photo Above: The stunning Sierra in our blue "Freya" wrap dress


Photo Above: The beautiful halfy Tamara in our classy Scarlet high neck midi bandage dress.
Above Photo: Tamara in our bandage choker bandage dress
Photo Above: Su in our Azy criss cross bodysuit with gold trim


Photo Above: Su in our Pipa two piece lace outfit. Also known as the infamous naked dress

Photo Above: Su in our glamorous matching bandage skirt and long sleeve lace crop top

Photography by: Braxtonlephoto

Make-Up & Hair: by NEDA
Lashes by: LashBunnyBoutique
Location :Loden Hotel