Diner en Blanc is arguably the chicest event of the year in Vancouver. It's one of those magical evenings that will leave you spellbound–at least for those lucky enough to get an invite. It's also got that mysterious element which makes it even more exciting: you don't know the venue’s location until the day of.

But regardless of where the event takes place, the evening is always dazzling. Ladies and gents decked out in perfectly tailored, crisp white outfits, rows of sparkling champagne and twinkling lights, and of course, all of this is accompanied by Vancouver's most picturesque views. Diner en Blanc is the very definition of elegance and style–I mean, it did start in Paris–so for those of you ladies attending, this is your chance to glam it up.

There's only one thing you need to know: only wear white. The name "Diner en Blanc" literally translates to "Dinner in white," so don't be the girl to show up wearing color–you probably wouldn't even get in any way. As for jewelry, opt for silver or gold and again, don't wear color. Pretty simple.

As always, at CityLux we've got you covered. Whether you want to make a chic statement and opt for a high waisted skirt and lace crop top or a sexy and sophisticated white dress that hugs your curves, we have many fabulous options. Don't worry, we even have white bagsperfect for the occasion.
We know that showing up looking unique is important and that's why we only bring in a few dresses in each style. This means that we get new looks arriving weekly. Keep up to date with our new arrivals by following our Instagramwhere we always post first. When you see a style you like, hurry to the store or shop online to snatch it up.

The glamorous evening takes place August 24th, so get shopping because time is running out to find the perfect outfit!