At CityLux Boutique, we’re obsessed with sultry nude shades. We've been stocking and restocking our bandage dresses, mini skirts and bodysuits in warm neutrals and cool mauves. When we say nude, we mean all the gorgeous neutral shades that are dominating the fashion world right now -- basic isn't so basic anymore!

While the nude palette has expanded in range with variations of light pink, dusty rose and blush tones, we’re excited to see refreshed versions of the classic mauve colours arriving for Spring / Summer 2017 styles.

As not all neutrals are made equal, we figure the best way to highlight the uniqueness of each colour is to line them all up for you. Each nude and mauve shade brings something special to the table depending on the fabric of your dress, crop top or skirt. Some shades are matte, and some colours have a bit of shimmer woven in. Find the one that speaks to you!

- Nudes and Mauves -


The classic mauve is typically more of a purple shade that is slightly muted. Today’s modern mauve is often seen with a warm and soft dusty rose undertone that's easier to mix and match.

Nude is a light flesh shade that's more pale, cool, but with some pink undertones.

Tan is a medium skin-tone colour with a warm yellow undertone.

Like nude, Beige is a light skin-tone but with hints of yellow undertones, instead of pink.

Blush is a light to medium pink with a nude base that's super versatile - it looks great on ladies of all skin tones.

When 'dusty' is added to a colour, it means the colour is softer and a bit muted -- almost as if a touch of ashy grey or terracotta brown was mixed in for a soft but rich tone.

Coffee is a warm brown shade with a bit of nude mixed in. It's a darker shade that works well as a base.

A cool brown shade with grey undertones.

A light grey shade with brown undertones.

A very pale ream with hint of pink undertone.

- Comparing Colours -

Rose Mauve is a muted purple shade with reddish brown undertone whereas Light Mauve is a light muted purple shade with grey undertones.

Dusty Rose vs. Dusty Pink  
Dusty Rose has reddish brown undertones whereas Dusty Pink is a muted pink with a grey undertone.

Beige vs. Nude
Beige has a yellow undertone whereas nude has a pink undertone.

Nude vs. Blush
While both nude and blush have pink undertones, blush is clearly in the pink family whereas nude is halfway between beige and blush.

Coffee vs. Mocha 
Coffee is a warmer shade than mocha, which is slight deeper and richer in brown hues.

Now you know the ins-and-outs of S/S 2017's most popular colours, it's time to get shopping. Check out the latest in dresses, skirts, crop tops, bottoms and bodysuits from CityLux Boutique.